"Sprachcaffe Málaga"


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Reservar a través de "Terra Study" es más rentable que directamente en la escuela.

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Durante 20 años hemos enviado más de 5000 estudiantes a aprender idiomas o seguir su formacion en el extranjero.

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Más de 300 escuelas acreditadas en todo el mundo.

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Tel.: +34 912 66 18 55, WhatsApp: +34 605 44 22 79

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"Sprachcaffe Málaga"


Malaga is one of the most popular holiday destinations on Spain’s Costa del Sol, with its gloriously sunny climate and welcoming atmosphere. On the south of the Iberian Peninsula, the city of Malaga boasts an inviting warm summer all year round with breathtaking scenery and a unique culture. There is no better destination to learn the Spanish language than on this holiday paradise in Spain.

Sprachcaffe Malaga is housed in an original Andalusian Villa and is a well-established learning academy. Situatied in the bustling coastal district of Pedregalego, just 2km from the centre of Malaga, the school is a short stroll to the beach. With the coast full of trendy bars and authentic seafood restaurants, guests are bound to find something to their taste in this city reknowned for its good food and great hospitality. Students are warmly welcomed at our very own bodega, "La Tortuga", and public transport is on hand for trips around town, with a bus stop right next to the school.


*Duración del curso: min 2 semanas
*4 lecciones por día
*Edad mínima: 18 años

EL curso es perfecto para aprender el idioma y disfrutar de tu tiempo libre!

*A partir de 1 semana
*6 lecciones por día
*1 lección equivale a 45 minutos
*Cursos para jóvenes y adultos
*Cada lección tiene 45 minutos
*Edad mínima: 18 años (16 y 17 con autorización paterna o del tutor)

Los cursos intensivos te proporcionarán una sólida base de conocimientos idiomáticos. Seis lecciones diarias llenos de conversación, ejercicios y gramática te aportarán mucha seguridad a la hora de utilizar el idioma, y una vez fuera de clase, podrás seguir practicando todo lo aprendido. Afianzarás tus nuevos conocimientos al ponerlos directamente en práctica en tu día a día.

*Cursos disponibles a partir de 1 semana
*Todos los destinos, en todas las escuelas
*Posibilidad de elegir 10, 20 o 30 lecciones de 45 minutos cada semana
*1 profesor: 1 estudiante
*Edad mínima: 18 años (16 y 17 con autorización paterna o del tutor)

El alumno tiene una influencia muy grande en este tipo de programa, por lo que cada curso individual tiene una estructura diferente. Los profesores hacen hincapié sobre los temas en los cuales el alumno desea mejorar. Las clases particulares son totalmente personalizadas, así que se podrán tocar todos los aspectos lingüísticos, centrándose en aquellos en los que el alumno desee.

The D.E.L.E. exam (Diploma de Español Como Lengua Extranjera) is issued and recognised by the Ministry of Education of Spain and offers an official accreditation on the degree of mastery of the Spanish language.

Over the course of 20 lessons students develop verbal and written forms of communication, and the focus is on understanding grammar. For the preparation of a particular exam, our teachers will familiarize you with the order and structure of the D.E.L.E. exam by using a variety of examples and exercises.

*Supervised program for 15-17
*Flexible program for 18-21
*Sun, beach, nightlife & culture
*Lively city by the sea

As a young adult the world is your oyster and with a first-class Spanish course well within your grasp you will find yourself acquiring new skills in no time! Perfect your Spanish along the streets of Malaga while our fun, exciting and enjoyable lessons lay the foundation for fluency in the language. Our school will have you embracing the language naturally, experiencing the culture effortlessly and collecting memories constantly.

With sun, sand, culture and an incredible nightlife you will be spoilt for choice while exploring the cobblestoned streets of Malaga. In the centre of Spanish culture you will find everything you need to absorb every nuance of the language, while embracing the authentic Andalusian lifestyle. Enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation in true Spanish style while creating new memories and making lasting friendships with fellow students and the famously friendly Spaniards.


At Sprachcaffe we aim to create a comfortable environment that you can call home for the duration of your Spanish course in Malaga. We offer a variety of accommodation options to suit every student’s needs, while ensuring that every element of their stay in Malaga contributes to an unforgettable language and travel experience. 

*Standard Apartment


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