We offer Terra Study widget "Education abroad", which can be embedded into the web-site, especially for travel agencies​, foreign language courses, Universities, different thematic forums and other potential partners. 


Learn foreign language abroad with Terra Study!

If you have students who travel to study languages ​​around the world (any cities and countries indicated on our website), then we have an affiliate program where each partner receives real money for their recommendations/references.

You (online academy, teacher, travel agency or blogger, etc.) can get a commission if your students book a course in any language school around the world through our marketplace Terra Study.
You only need to register using the link https://partner.terra.study/?lang=en-US and immediately generate a partner marker, widget, and link to our sites terra.study and terrastudy.com for partners from other countries. Any of your students who follow this link and book a course (which will appear in their account) will receive a 7% discount, and you will only receive a commission on the recommendations.

Terra Study is responsible for all student work. With an increase in the number of students, the commission will increase. All conversion statistics are displayed in your account.

Register here https://partner.terra.study/?lang=en-US

    You don't have to do anything, just drive targeted traffic to your new Education Abroad widget. We undertake all communication with our foreign partners. At the same time, you (as our future agencies) receive a high commission from every booked course just for client referrals.

    We take care of all issues related to communication with foreign schools!


    The Terra Study catalog is constantly updated by language schools from more than 25 countries. The Terra Study team provides complete information and technical support for the catalog. At the moment there are more than 300 schools in our catalog.


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