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"Each language is a different way of seeing life."

Federico Fellini


     Terra Study is a global online company specialising in targeted selection and enrolment for language courses around the world. Based out of Madrid, Terra Study has been in business for more than 19 years sending students to study in Spain, England, USA, Malta, Canada and others countries. Terra Study works directly with students as well as develops its own affiliate programs for travel agencies, bloggers, language teachers and other businesses. Terra Study helps you choose a language school, college or s university, apply for a scholarship, find a place to live and complete enrolment applications. There are more than 300 schools and about 5,000 different courses in the TERRA STUDY catalogue.


You can easily choose a language school, read reviews, work out the cost of the chosen program, and finally book the selected course. For each school you can find its description, an online calculator, types of courses available, pictures and videos. With Terra Study, the student does not have to spend hours and hours looking for a language school on the internet - Terra Study has got everything you need in one place. Our booking service and advice are free. Additionally, our students get a further 7% discount off the selected course! Choosing your course through Terra Study saves your money than booking directly with a language school - it is also quick and easy!


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10 major languages of the planet
In 300 educational centers


Discount of 7%
for all language courses
No extra fees


More than 5000 students
from around the world 500 real
reviews about our schools and Terra Study


In the best universities
and business schools around the world
Admission without examination


Reviews of our friends

  • Maria
    Mi experiencia es magnifica! La escuela Enforex me ayudo mucho en mejorar mi nivel de español en muy poco tiempo. Los profesores son muy...
  • Roman
    I have been studying on the long term Intensive course. The teachers there are excellent: very kind, friendly, and organized. They...
  • Vincent
    Gran escuela en una ubicación fantástica! ¡Gracias por todo!
  • Andrew
    Everything was in Spanish which was great and the teachers are involved in the students' progress!
  • Roger
    Es una escuela muy hueva, con profesores que se adaptan a cada alumno. Hay traducen un ambiente familiar muy agradable. Te lo recomiendo!
  • Nicolay
    My experience is very good! Great location, very nice staff, professional approach to students.
  • Olga
    Thanks for the knowledges that I received in this special School!
  • Egor
    Muy buena atmósfera en la escuela y estupendos profesores en el mejor ciudad de España, con muchos eventos culturales!
  • Daniel
    I prefer studying in a very intensive way, so I reserved an Intensive course with 30 hours per week . Thanks to my teacher and great...
  • Josh
    I definitely recommend this school! And especially Intensive courses as I think its best way to learn Spanish quickly
  • Elena
    Sin duda lo recomiendo! Me ha servido mucho aprender con Sprachcaffe.
  • Jane
    The Speakeasy School in Barcelona was excellent! The teachers were helpful and the classes were small.
    My experience here was fantastic...
  • Anna
    I've passed the B2 level DELE exam thanks to Speakeasy’s intensive DELE preparation course. We had very intensive and interactive...
  • Ekaterina
    I've been studying at Speakeasy for 2 weeks now. I'm taking a course in preparation for DELE Exam. I am very happen to have chosen this...
  • Antony
    Best language school in Barcelona. The class sizes are small so you get a lot of individual attention and opportunity to speak. The...
  • Jennifer
    Thanks Terra Study for this discovery!!
    I have liked this school so much! Great atmosphere, great teachers and great results! I am so...
  • Tobi
    I really like the lessons here, in fact, every day is very different and is very interesting, the lessons are presented with a good dose...
  • Lasey
    I had my holiday trip to Valencia and dicided to mix holidays with studying and reserved a great option- Holiday course. It has enough...
  • Edward
    Fantastic school! great professors! I liked the rhythm of studying and I could have reached the desired level!
    I highly recommend it...
  • Artur
    I liked a very intensive rithm of our clases. It was exactly what I was searching and I could advanced a lot from 0 Level in 4 weeks! See...
  • Mark
    The school is located in the center of Alicante and the rhythm of the class is nice and quick. What I love about Proyecto Espanol is that...
  • Zoe
    In the language school was a very pleasant atmosphere, It was great to attend the language courses. Alicante itself is a great city for a...
  • Julia
    The teaching method in this school consists of an interesting and pleasant process faced to the results that are perceived as the unique...
  • Ana
    Estudiando sólo cuatro meses en Proyecto Español en Alicante en los niveles B1 y B2, aprobé el examen DELE-B2!
    Es un resultado...
  • Frankie Bluesy
    Accord Paris is the best school of French that I have studied in Paris. It is close to the main tourist attractions, the teachers are...
  • Kristina
    I Appreciate how easy it was to sign up for classes and having the ability to add private classes at the last moment. The learning...
  • Immacolata Deiana
    Consigliatissima! E' una scuola super valida, gli insegnanti sono tutti madrelingua e qualificati per l' insegnamento, le lezioni sono...
  • Jeroen
    Fantastic school, I had a great experience here!
    All the teachers are really friendly, respectful and highly qualified. This makes all...
  • Anastasia
    Hi!I was studying Spanish on intensive courses for 9 months at COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL ALICANTE and I can say that this school is great!...
  • Daniel
    If you love surf, Tenerife waits for you. But it's better to rent a car, whitout it you can's enjoy 100% your stay. The school studies...
  • Nata
  • Maria
    Soy la madre de Ana y Alex. Ha sido la primera vez cuando mis hijos viajan solos. Y estamos muy contentos porque los cuidan mucho, las...
  • Marta
    La ciudad no me impresionó mucho la verdad, pero la playa es fantástica... los estudios y los companeros de clase me ayudaron mucho a...
  • Maria
    Una ciudad de mis sueños, escuela muy bien ubicada, barrio de vida loca y gente artística, profesores son todos un encanto. El año que...
  • Susana Aquiler
    Es mi segunda casa ya. No puedo decir mas. Thank you all for this amazing stay! My american family, friends and teachers! Love you a ot!
    Thanks a lot! It was a great experience! Barcelona is a lovely city! And I spent so great time here! Next time I will choose another...
  • Alice
    Muchas gracias a mis profesores. Especial gracias Bob, que me aydaba muchisimo con todas mis dificultades que tenia yo como estudiante...
  • Jane F. Yamkey
    My teacher wasvery open to give me advices on how Icould improve my french level. really helpful! Merci!
  • Bianca
    Einziger Minuspunkt waren die kleinen Klassenräume und im Winter sollte man mehr heizen.
  • Oliver Webster
    I went to Hispania for 4 weeks in total, the classes were very intensive and I learned really a lot. I really recommend this school to...
  • Scott
    I had a very good host family and enjoyed my time at the school a lot.
  • Cecilia
    Muchas gracias por mis super vecaciones! los profes son fantásticos, pasé muy bien aqui! Espero volver un día porque España se...
  • Silvia
    “I was very nervous about coming to study by myself in Spain, but the school’s staff and teachers and all! made me feel comfortable...
  • Lea Topuria
    DID deutsch-institut München meine erste und einzigartige Erfahrung im Ausland studieren, und ich bin wirklich froh, dass ich es mit...
  • Maria de Michele
    what I liked most were the teachers at this school! We had a really cool time with them learning English. thanks to all of them! And also...
  • Pavel Koursikov
    I really loved this school! I met my best friends on the first day of class and we had a fun time learning together. My German classes...
  • Anastasia Riabkina
    It was an amazing trip! thank you very much Terra Study and Speak easy for my holidays!
    I found this school in the internet and was not...
  • Laura Baumann
    I looked for a school which wasn’t expensive, and had a look at many schools on the internet. Camino Barcelona had the best prices for...

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Je veux d'l'amour, d'la joie, de la bonne humeur,
Ce n'est pas votre argent qui f'ra mon bonheur,
Moi j'veux crever la main sur le coeur papalapapapala

Allons ensemble, découvrir ma liberté,
Oubliez donc tous vos clichés,
Bienvenue dans ma réalité.

Je Veux, Zaz



Bésame, bésame mucho
Como si fuera esta noche la última vez
Bésame, bésame mucho
Que tengo miedo perderte, perderte después

Bésame, bésame mucho
Como si fuera esta noche la última vez
Bésame, bésame mucho
Que tengo miedo perderte, perderte después

Bésame mucho, Consuelo Velázquez Torres



Wer zu Lebzeit gut auf Erden
wird nach dem Tod ein Engel werden
den Blick gen Himmel fragst du dann
warum man sie nicht sehen kann

Erst wenn die Wolken schlafengehn
kann man uns am Himmel sehn
wir haben Angst und sind alle

Engel, Rammstein



shimajima ya chiji ni kudakete natsu no umi

islands and islands --
shattered into a thousand pieces,
summer's sea

Matsuo Basho



Lasciatemi cantare
con la chitarra in mano
lasciatemi cantare
una canzone piano piano

Lasciatemi cantare
perche ne sono fiero
sono un italiano
un italiano vero

L'italiano, Toto Cutugno



Ying jie ling yi ge chen xi, dai lai quan xin kong qi.
Qi xi gai bian qing wei bu bian, cha xiang tiao man qing yi.

Wo jia da men chang da kai, kai fang huai bao deng ni.
After a big hug, you'll feel close with us. And surely you will love this place.

Bei jing huan ying ni, Jackie Chan



We all live in a yellow submarine
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine
We all live in a yellow submarine
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

And our friends are all aboard
Many more of them live next door
And the band begins to play

Yellow Submarine, The Beatles



Ja sei namorar
Ja sei beijar de língua
Agora so me resta sonhar

Ja sei aonde ir
Ja sei onde ficar
Agora so me falta sair

Já Sei Namorar, Tribalistas

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