"Each language is a different way of seeing life."

Federico Fellini


Terra Study - is an online portal where you can book a language course for FREE all over the world and with the possibility of having a discount of 7% of the cost of the course. The Terra Study catalog has more than 300 schools and around 5,000 different language courses. Through Terra Study any student, regardless of their language proficiency, can quickly choose a language school, read and study the opinions left by other students from all over the world, calculate the exact cost of the chosen program, and finally book the course. The “tab” of the chosen school has all the information necessary to make the decision: description, online calculator, types of courses, photos, location and video presentation. The student does not have to spend hours looking for the necessary information: school, course, accommodation, flight, visa information, check covid updates, etc. The Terra Study agency and our portal already have everything selected for you. All our services, advice and consultations are FREE, we do not add anything to the prices of the schools, we work with direct prices. In addition to the free services of TERRA STUDY, for many schools you have the opportunity to receive a 7% discount! Making reservations through Terra Study is easy and convenient!

Welcome to the Terra Study community!


     We have created our Terra Study portal, so that any student in the shortest possible time can choose a language course abroad at the best price and book for free. In the Terra Study catalog we have more than 300 schools around the world, and we are constantly increasing this number, based on student recommendations and referrals.

14 86506191023e3d321aac7494971dc74d     Here you will find all the necessary information for you: description of the courses, prices, the most interesting and useful references, advice regarding the student visa/stay and how you can book your flight at the cheapest possible price, and also in many cases benefiting from our 7% discount on the price of the course.

     What is the difference between Terra Study and other educational agencies and other intermediaries between a school and a student?

     Unlike many educational agencies, we do not add anything to the cost of the course, rather we are reducing it: the schools with which we have been working for many years allow us to give a 7% discount to our students. Everything is transparent. You pay directly to the school and the documents you receive are originals. All advisory services of our consultants who are always online, the booking itself and the obtaining of all the necessary documents for the visas (whoever needs it), resolution of doubts are totally FREE. We take care of all communication with the chosen educational center.


     Our consultants will help you with everything that may interest you during the process of choosing the school or center, paperwork. We will tell you how to obtain the visa, we will help with the residence, reservation of short-term and long-term courses, we will help you find cheap flights and comfortable and cheap accommodation. We have more than 20 years of experience in the STUDY ABROAD sector. More than 5,000 students have traveled to Spain in order to study the language. Today we are willing to share our experience and expand the geography so that you will learn more languages.

You can book many school on our website with the 7% discount on the cost of the course!


     With Terra Study you have many benefits.

     The philosophy of our project: there are no more borders! Travel more and study languages! Students from all over the world travel and study with TERRA STUDY, using our platform for everything they may need: book the course, flight, insurance, give feedback, references, find friends in our community and continue traveling and learning languages.

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     Come to visit our page, book your course, ask questions and leave your reference, that helps others make their choice in the future!


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