«Mentor Language Institute Los Angeles»

«Mentor Language Institute Los Angeles»


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Reservar a través de "Terra Study" es más rentable que directamente en la escuela.

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Durante 15 años hemos enviado más de 5000 estudiantes a aprender idiomas o seguir su formacion en el extranjero.

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Más de 280 escuelas acreditadas en todo el mundo.

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Tel.: +34 912 66 18 55, WhatsApp: +34 605 44 22 79

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«Mentor Language Institute Los Angeles»


Mentor language Institute in Los Angeles offers programs in ESL, TOEFL( iBT ), Pronunciation, Business English, TOEIC, Business English plus TOEIC, Conversation, GMAT and GRE, . After class, students enjoy a full schedule of activities and field trips, each of which offer opportunities to practice English conversation. US Student Services Inc provides housing services such as home-stay and dormitories for MLI students. MLI also provides other supporting services in order for international students to live safely and comfortably.  MLI has Mutual Recognition Programs with many colleges in order to allow students to easily transfer into higher education opportunities. MLI is an English school where serious students can improve their language skills while experiencing the best of American culture. These reasons, as well as many others, are why students choose to study at Mentor Language Institute.
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The ESL Program is comprised of verbal (listening and speaking) and structure (practical grammar and writing) sections. In the basic levels of the verbal section, listening and speaking skills are introduced through the use of dialogues, pictures, or pantomime. Students learn basic phrases in order to deal with common situations and topics in an English-speaking environment. In the intermediate levels of the verbal section, communication beyond everyday English is emphasized as students move on to more complex language skills.

25 hours /week

Option Ⅰ = ESL Program + CMAR Class

Students will learn everyday communication skills and practice American English pronunciation in order to speak with confidence, clarity and effectiveness. The CMAR class focuses on teaching students how to recognize and reproduce American English sounds. The teacher instructs students on the physical structure of the mouth and how to use one’s tongue, lips, and teeth to speak clear, comprehensible English.

The TOEFL ( iBT ) Preparation Program prepares students for all four sections of the TOEFL (iBT) exam.

The program provides effective test strategies for all of the questions on the reading and listening sections of the exam. Students also practice how to read quickly and effectively, and they learn how to take notes efficiently to succeed in the listening section. All six speaking tasks are practiced extensively in class and recorded. The instructor listens to student speaking samples and provides advice for improving word choice, speaking style, and organizational structure.

23 hours /week

This program is designed for students who want to succeed in the TOEFL examination as quickly as possible. ITP combines our 3.6 hour TOEFL Preparation Program with our 1 hour TOEFL Intensive Practice class (TIP).

The intensive iBT TOEFL class prepares students for the iBT by presenting and practicing strategies to help them improve their reading, vocabulary, listening, speaking, and writing skills. In addition, students are given practice in critical thinking and note-taking skills. This class is beneficial for students who need a TOEFL score to get into a university or graduate school program and students who need a TOEFL score to enter a profession in the US (such as nursing or pharmacy).

20 hours /week

The Business English course consists of three classes: Business Communication, Business Theory and Meeting, and Business Practical. This course will prepare you for all aspects of the business world, from presentations to PowerPoint, negotiating to socializing, and phone skills to letter-writing. The class also focuses on learning English idioms, vocabulary and slang involved with modern business as well as promoting a real-world application of this knowledge through a variety of activities. Highly interactive, the class encourages students to contribute their experiences from their home countries and reanalyze them within a global context. The class may take several field trips throughout the term to visit local businesses in Beverly Hills

18 hours /week

The purpose of the TOEIC class is to help students to pass the TOEIC test. In addition, the class helps students be more successful in the actual business environment by building up their business vocabulary and comprehension of the business environment.

The Business plus TOEIC program includes both the Business English course and the TOEIC course together. The program helps students achieve more success in an actual business environment by building up their business vocabulary and comprehension of the business environment. Additionally, students will receive a higher TOEIC test score by building up their business vocabulary.

An 18 hour per week test preparation class that combines similar elements of the GRE/GMAT, yet also allows for individualized review and practice of the components that are not alike. This class will cover strategies and review of the the verbal portions of both tests.

Intermediate Program:
Conversation Management and Accent Reduction (CMAR)
Focus on Idioms (FOI)
Role Play Practice (RPP)

Advanced Program:
Conversation Management and Accent Reduction (CMAR)
In-Depth Communication (IDC)
In-Depth Discussion (IDD)

The TOEFL Intensive Practice class focuses exclusively on speaking and writing practice.

Students practice speaking six times per week. The goal is to become comfortable with the speaking section of the exam as quickly as possible. All six speaking tasks are practiced extensively in class and recorded. The instructor listens to student speaking samples and provides advice for improving word choice, speaking style, and organizational structure.

The private lessons are designed to meet each person's needs.

These lessons are ideal for students who wish to focus solely on English conversation skills. Topics will vary depending on the student’s areas of interest, however, the instructor will incorporate lesson plans that include: vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and pronunciation.




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