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«GEOS Victoria»

«GEOS Victoria»


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Reservar a través de "Terra Study" es más rentable que directamente en la escuela.

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Durante 15 años hemos enviado más de 5000 estudiantes a aprender idiomas o seguir su formacion en el extranjero.

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Más de 280 escuelas acreditadas en todo el mundo.

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Tel.: +34 912 66 18 55, WhatsApp: +34 605 44 22 79

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«GEOS Victoria»


Conocida tanto como la “ciudad más inteligente de Canadá”, debido al rápido crecimiento del sector tecnológico, y también como “la ciudad de los jardines”. Victoria ofrece una experiencia única a sus visitantes. GEOS Victoria es una de las instituciones más preponderantes en la enseñanza de ESL y está muy bien reputada entre todas las escuelas y universidades de la región. Nuestro programa académico es la opción perfecta para los estudiantes que quieran continuar con sus estudios en una institución de lengua inglesa.                                                           col-languages-canada


Our part-time program is perfect for students interested in taking one English course throughout the week. It is ideal for those looking to continue their English learning at a relaxed pace or to brush up on previous acquired skills.

Part-Time English includes 10 lessons per week (7.5 hours).

Our Standard English Program provides students with insight into the language and how to apply effective methods of communication at an accelerated pace.

Classes generally finish in the early afternoon (usually before 1 pm), giving students the opportunity to enjoy the majority of their afternoon sightseeing and discovering the city and local culture.

Standard English includes 20 lessons per week (15 hours).

Our Intensive English Program is well-suited for students looking to develop their English skills in a shorter time frame and at an accelerated pace. The goal for students in Intensive English is to gain greater fluency and accuracy in a more concentrated period of time. Students will have a dedicated period of time every afternoon to explore the city and local culture.

Intensive English includes 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours)

Our Super-Intensive Program is designed to help students develop their English skills on a full-time basis. It is an excellent choice for students looking to improve their skills at a significant rate in a short period of time. Students will have the late afternoon and evening hours to explore Vancouver.

Super-Intensive English includes 40 lessons per week (30 hours)

GEOS Languages Plus is a leader in language education in the North America. We have helped thousands of students across North America to reach their goals in their university programs and their careers. We want you to have the same success!

This is a full time program designed to help students prepare for the IELTS test. Importance is placed on both test taking strategies, as well as the four skills assessed in the official IELTS examination.

There are two IELTS programs: Introduction to IELTS is for intermediate level students, while IELTS Preparation is for advanced level students. In each program, students study 15 hours of IELTS preparation per week, and 7.5 hours of an elective class per week.

*Minimum registration of 12 weeks of Intensive Studies required to qualify for IELTS Guarantee!

This specialized program is designed for students aged 16 to 21 years old. It consists of enrolling in either a standard or intensive English program that runs throughout the morning hours. Students then spend their afternoons and evenings participating in various cultural activities within the Victoria area.

All activities in the Junior Program are supervised by Group leaders who have been specially trained by GEOS. They are typically between the ages of 21 and 30 years old, and come from many different places.

Get a degree or diploma from a North American Institution!

Whether you want to study accounting, manage a company, be a flight attendant, work with a 3D printer, work in a hotel or get into a graduate program we can help you.

Private or semi-private tutorials are an option for students who want to study English with a teacher by themselves and/or want to study a very specific topic or language.

This program is extremely specialized, as students can choose their own course content. It is perfect for students who believe they can excel in a one-on-one environment.

et a running start when regular classes begin with the GEOS program. Our program will work on the fundamentals of Math, Reading and Writing with highly experienced GEOS instructors.

We practice presentation skills and group work in our project-based curriculum. High energy classes with years of experience and hundreds of successful outcomes already.


Ofrecemos diferentes opciones de alojamiento para nuestros estudiantes internacionales. La opción más interesante es la de residir con una familia de Victoria durante tu estancia en GEOS Victoria. Vivir con una familia hará que te sumerjas al 100% en la cultura del país y que puedas hablar en inglés constantemente durante las clases y luego de ellas.  Contáctanos para saber más sobre las estancias con familias anfitrionas y otros tipos de alojamiento.


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