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Paraninfo Madrid


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During 20 years we have sent more than 5000 students to learn languages or continue their studies abroad.

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More than 300 accredited schools worldwide.

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Tel.: +34 912 66 18 55, WhatsApp: +34 605 44 22 79

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Paraninfo Madrid


Paraninfo is a Spanish language school for foreigners centrally located in Princesa Street, in the popular and emblematic university neighborhood of Argüelles, in the heart of Madrid. Its communication and travel links are excellent. Since 1973 students from all over the world have come to our school to study Spanish. Paraninfo enjoys well-deserved prestige and through many successful years has gained a lot experience making us an important reference in the teaching and spreading of Spanish.

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The course is designed for those who want to immerse completely into the language to progress efficiently during the limited period of time.

We offer classes at all levels, from A1 to C2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). These small classes focus on communication in practical situations, for example understanding your flatmates or work colleagues, or dealing with people at the supermarket.

Living and studying in Madrid will enable you to master Spanish in record time, as you use the language both inside and outside the classroom every day. You’ll be surprised how quickly your Spanish improves as you begin to feel at home here in Madrid.

Recommended for students and professionals who are too busy studying and working to attend classes every day. Ideal for people who live in Madrid but are short of time, or anybody having trouble communicating with flatmates/workmates, or even people worried about not being able to explain things properly to the doctor.

You will soon find yourself able to speak (in great Spanish) about anything you like and will quickly become a part of Spanish society.

This way you can enjoy the advantages of both types of classes. You can choose from any of the group classes on offer (20/10/8/6/4 hours a week) and combine this with however many hours of individual classes you would like.

The group classes focus on communication, both oral and written, with you interacting in small groups of up to 10 students. Then the individual classes cater more to your specific needs and complement the group classes.

For students and professionals wanting to master Spanish quickly or who are unable to attend a regular timetabled course. Individual classes can be taken alongside group classes.

We plan the classes according to your schedule and specific needs. The pace of the course is set by you, and these courses are designed to be as flexible as possible.

Aimed at people aged 50 and over who would like to learn Spanish. In small groups of no more than 6 students so that the teacher can pay more attention to each individual student. We offer classes at all levels, from beginner to advanced. The class progresses at a pace comfortable for you.

So, whether you’re just trying to unwind a little during the holidays, wanting to brush up a bit, or aiming to seriously improve your Spanish, we have the right course for you. After classes you are also invited to take part in the extracurricular activities that we offer to all our students.

This course concentrates on the aspects of language-learning that are most interesting for children: songs, parties, games, animals, food, school, the home, friends and family. The content of the course is adapted to suit the abilities (communicative, reading and writing) and ages of the students. Thanks to the wide variety of fun and creative activities, all designed to be both exciting and educational, students will learn without even realising it.

In addition to this, there are lots of arts and crafts activities to keep young hands and minds busy: colouring in, cut and stick, paper-folding etc… We also aim to encourage certain social values, like respect for others and the environment.

Alongside the classes we also offer extracurricular activities, from Monday to Thursday: games and songs workshops, a trip on the cable car, a visit to the Wax Museum, etc…

This course is designed for non-native speakers of Spanish that work as Spanish teachers in their home countries and want to perfect or build upon any training already received, whilst at the same time refreshing or improving their Spanish skills.

The programme is made up of 4 lessons a day; in two of the lessons you’ll concentrate on general language use, and in the other two you’ll concentrate on properly studying various suggested teaching methods, which you will then be able to use in your own classes. You are also welcome to attend any of the workshops we offer: on folklore, literature, media, the economy, or art.

Designed to pass the Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) through reenforcing the linguistic abilities that will be tested as well as familiarizing the student with the format and dynamics of the exam.

The exams take place in May, August and November. To do this course, students have to show that they have the required level for which they would like to take the exam.

The literacy course is aimed at people with difficulties in learning Spanish because it differs so much from their native language – students whose native languages have alphabets that are completely different to ours: Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Indian or Oriental, for example.

A normal Spanish course wouldn’t be suitable for such students, which is why we offer a more specialized course, designed specifically to teach these students to read and write properly in Spanish. Once they have completed this course, students are then able to start the A1 or Beginner classes.

4, 5 or 6 hours a week

Immersion Language course is designed for profesionals or students who wish to improve their level of Spanish in a short time.This is a super-program in which you will be accompanied by a teacher at all times.

The methodology is focused on the communication while giving emphasis on the most important and difficult aspects of the Spanish gramar and the written language.The teachers are native-speakers,qualified and with a fluent experience.

The course combines Spanish lessons and Spanish culture.

25 hours per week (5 lessons, 55 min each)

Min duration: 4 weeks

Our academy is located in the centre of Madrid, a stone’s throw from the most popular sights, museums, and of course, Madrid’s buzzing nightlife. Spend your summer holidays in Spain’s most international city and study Spanish at the same time.

Enjoy learning Spanish in a laid-back and fun way, with students from all over the world. Take the chance to make the most of your summer here, and in just a few weeks you’ll find your Spanish improving as you gain confidence and lose any fear of making mistakes. These holidays will be like no other – you’ll see how easily you fall into step with the Spanish way of life.

The course is designed for the professionals who need to work in the spanish labour market.

Min level: B2
Course: 10 hours per week (2 lessons of 55 min a day)
Min duration: 4 weeks

Course: 30 hours per week
Min level: B1
Course: 30 hours per week (6 lessons of 55 min a day)
Min duration: 1 week

Aimed at schools, universities and other educational institutions that send groups of students and teachers abroad to further boost their Spanish language skills – building on any knowledge already gained while studying in their respective home countries.

Our academy organizes study visits to Madrid as a way of motivating students and improving their Spanish at the same time. All of our staff are committed to making your stay in Madrid productive, safe and fun.

Our direct and interactive teaching style is based on communication, which means practical language use in real-life situations, and learning is easy, fun and efficient. The study programme is designed according to the wishes of the group’s teachers and the needs of their students.

Highly intensive individual courses for students with or without previous Spanish knowledge that need to achieve immediate progress in a few days.

Specially formed with a minimum of 10 students and their teacher.

Teaching is done alongside a program of open air activities and contact with nature.

This course offers the possibility of studying Spanish in the natural surroundings of the western mountains of Madrid in a pleasant atmosphere and always, whether inside or outside, in contact with the Spanish language and culture.

These courses fulfill all the needs and requirements that students from colleges, secondary schools and universities might have and who would like to study a specific part of their program at Paraninfo.

The Course of Spanish + Internship is designed for students seeking to perform working practice and to learn Spanish. In Paraninfo, nowadays, we are aware of the importance that the knowledge of languages and the working experience have in the working sector, that is the reason we offer this course that will make you more competitive and you will manage to find a job more easily.

The program is divided in two parts:

Spanish Course: from 5 to 20 weeks
Internship: from 3 to 6 months

Welcome to Madrid! No matter how old you are or your knowledge of Spanish, thanks to this intensive program and our professional staff you will definitely achieve to lose the fear of speaking and you will get ready to communicate yourself in any kind of situation, not only in the personal level but also on the working one.

The Academic Year is a full program of Spanish culture and language that consists of 36 weeks, a duration that will ensure you the absolute command of the language, so, if you start with knowledge or without any. This option will also allow you to know Spain from the point of view of a resident not a tourist´s.

The program is distributed in two parts: 28 weeks-course of Spanish culture and language and 8 weeks course-Preparation DELE Exam, so, when you finish the 36 weeks, you will have the chance to accredit the language knowledge with an official certificate insured by the Cervantes Institute.

Spanish Language And Culture Course: 28 weeks
Cours of DELE Preparation al DELE: 8 weeks

This programm is designed for students who have passed High School/A levels in their homelands and want to join the Spanish universities. The program consists of two parts:

Part 1: Spanish Cours - 36 weeks
Part 2:Course of preparation to access to university - 8 months

Spanish courses specially designed for company managers tailor made for their specific needs.

Classes for specific needs given at the company´s premises.


General and intensive Spanish classes given at the company´s premises.

Mass Media has transformed our society. We consider it not only important, but necessary, because without it it would be a lot more difficult to communicate, to find information, or even to entertain ourselves. What do we know about the different types of mass media? How long have they been around? Are they a tool for manipulation? Taking part in these workshops will make you think a little more critically about today´s society.

Participation is a key part of these workshops, and students are invited to do projects related to the Internet, television, radio and the press.

Folklore refers to the set of beliefs and traditions that make up a nation´s shared history and identity and give each nation its own distinctive character…

It develops slowly over time, passed on from one generation to the next, and is expressed in the people´s culture, in festivals, dances, music…

We take pride in our commitment to culture and traditions and hope our students feel the same. The main aim of the folklore workshops is to preserve and share our traditions and customs.

As members of today´s society we place a certain value on goods and services, giving the utmost importance to money and the economy.

At Paraninfo we understand that both are important and have an effect on our lives, which is why we have decided to offer Economics Workshops, in the hope that we will all think a little more about the value we place on everything.

For as long as people have existed, we have always felt the irrepressible need to express ourselves and interpret the world around us.

We have done this using the means available to us, namely physical materials and human language. Over the course of history, painting and architecture have taken on different forms depending on the resources and techniques around at the time. In the Art Workshops you will learn about some of the different artists and styles that have come and gone throughout history.

The Literature Workshops are designed for people who want to learn the techniques for writing, poetry, prose and plays and, in doing so, better understand why literature is one of the most important forms of expression for a nation.

They are also aimed at people who want to study literature, as we try to get you used to writing and help you find your own voice. The only way to learn to write is by writing, so these workshops will provide you with the means and techniques necessary to be able to write on your own.

Designed for students with an intermediate or high level of Spanish that want to perfect their written and oral expressions in practical and participative classes. The objective of the course is the reading, analyses and creation of poetic texts.

The aim of the workshop theater and creativity for foreigners is to realize one’s own body and know its expressive resources (space, gestures, voice, etc..) from an intercultural perspective.


Shared flat Renting a room in an apartment that belongs to our school has various advantages.
Firstly the student can relax knowing that he or she can deal directly with us for all his or her needs and for whatever situations may arise.
Even more, Paraninfo Academy has gone all the way to satisfy as far as possible all the needs of the students that decide to stay in one of the rooms. The apartment has all modern appliances and fittings, a fully equipped kitchen, high speed internet as well as carefully selected location, only 5 minutes walking from the school. Host family Staying with a Spanish family is the best way to ensure total immersion in the Spanish language. It is the perfect complement to your language classes because the families will not only provide you with comfortable accommodation, they will also introduce you to their culture and way of life. Make the most of your stay in Spain by participating in the daily life of the family and seeing them every day; but at the same time you will have your independence, being able to enter and leave the house with your own key. University Residence Although during the school year the university residences are reserved for Spanish students, during summer they are open to international students seeking comfort. We therefore offer this option, combining a suitable study environment with high-quality facilities. The residence is a 30-minute walk from Paraninfo.


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