Enforex Sevilla

Enforex Sevilla


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During 20 years we have sent more than 5000 students to learn languages or continue their studies abroad.

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More than 300 accredited schools worldwide.

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Tel.: +34 912 66 18 55, WhatsApp: +34 605 44 22 79

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NOTE: Arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday

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Enforex Sevilla


If you want to learn Spanish in the folkloric heart of Spain, then Sevilla is the city for you as this is the ideal location to learn about tradition and Spanish culture in its strongest form. The Enforex Sevilla school can be found in the Arenal neighborhood, a privileged area of the city which was once the old port area at its heyday during the 16th and 17th centuries. Located in the city center, close to the emblematic buildings such as La Giralda, the world heritage listed Cathedral, the Golden Tower and the Maestranza Bullring, students can easily stroll through charming streets filled with history and an air that still conserves the compelling hustle and bustle of the suburbs from times past when the port was the most important in the world through its trading with the Indies. From here students can find all manner of bars and shops where they can pass time in the company of the locals, open and friendly people, happy to assist students in improving their Spanish.
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*20 lessons per week: "Intensive"
*25 lessons per week: "Super Intensive"

The Intensive & Super Intensive Courses are the classic Enforex programs. You will work on every interpretive and expressive skills while increasing cultural knowledge.

*from 8 weeks
*20 or 20+5 lessons per week

This long duration Intensive Spanish immersion course allows you to improve your language skills with the added advantage of becoming thoroughly acquainted with Spanish life and customs. This program provides you with an extended period time during which you will be participating in day-to-day activities with native speakers while growing increasingly aware of Spain’s current cultural, financial and political situation, both domestically and in relation to the rest of the world.

We understand that when you come to Spain to learn Spanish, you want to experience as much of this fascinating country as possible. However, when you sign up for a Spanish course with any other school, you're limited to one school in one city, leaving only the short weekends to hurriedly explore all the other places you want to see.

That's where Enforex comes in! Our extensive network of schools throughout Spain's top cities make it possible for students to follow the same course through as many Enforex destinations as they wish - at no extra cost! No matter where you are, we guarantee you the same outstanding quality teaching, modern facilities, standard methodology and support throughout our system of on-site services. It's one of the many things that make Enforex stand out.

Course options:
*Part Time Intensive: 10 lessons / week
*Intensive: 20 lessons / week
*Intensive+Workshops: 20+5 lessons / week
*Super Intensive + private lessons: 20+5 + 5 One on One lessons / week

Tailor-design the best curriculum for your needs and desires! If you want to optimize your study time and enjoy a fully personalized method of teaching, this course is the best option.

*1, 5, 10, 20, as many extra lessons as you'd like (in the same week)

*8+ students

If you’d like to come to Spain with a group of at least 8 students, we’re happy to help you design a personalized Spanish program with activities and excursions.

Open Group
If the participants of the group do not have the same Spanish level, they will take Spanish classes along with the other students in the school, but the culture classes will be kept exclusively within the group. This kind of grouping is only available when you choose one of our general Spanish courses (10, 20, 20+5 or 25+5 lessons per week).

Closed group
All of the students participating in this group have the same level of Spanish and take classes together in the same classroom (maximum 10-15 students per class).

The 1 or 2 week Christmas program is designed for you to enjoy traditional Spanish celebrations and work on your language skills at the same time. Apart from 20 Spanish lessons per week, the school organizes excursions and cultural activities such as visits to typical Spanish Christmas gatherings, nativity exhibits and Epiphany parades.

*December 21st & 28th 2015
*20 lessons per week
*1 or 2 weeks

The DELE (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only official certificate for foreign students recognized by the Instituto Cervantes. This diploma is an invaluable asset for students who wish to study at Spanish universities or would like to work in a Spanish-speaking country.

This course is designed to prepare you to pass the DELE exam at any of its 6 levels.

*20 lessons per week
*2 or 4 weeks

Enroll in a private or state, graduate or post graduate university programs through eduSpain, an educative organization that advises students about advanced programs in Spain and arranges the placement for you.

Note that Enforex will help you to apply for one Public or Private Spanish University for free if you study with us for more than 12 weeks. The specifically tailored to the needs of students who are looking to study at University in Spain, who need to improve their level sufficiently to be able to study both effectively and competently and who require assistance with their University application.

The program is available at different locations across Spain and consist in with 20 Spanish lessons along with cultural lessons, allowing the student to have a well-rounded knowledge of Spain and its unique culture as well as the written and spoken language. Cultural lessons can vary from art to literature and history to cinema to truly open up Spanish culture to students.

When you learn Spanish, you will open yourself to millions of new clients and peers. With this goal in mind, ENFOREX offers you the Spanish for Executives Course.

It is an individualized program for professionals of all kinds who want to acquire Spanish skills for their line of work, or improve their general Spanish. You will be taught by a highly qualified native speaker with specific knowledge in your field of expertise. Our objective is to provide a tailor-made course that will simultaneously equip you with cultural skills suitable for each particular vocation.

*1, 5, 10, 20 + as many extra lessons as you'd like (in the same week)
*Min 1 week

Participating in an internship is the key link between your studies and becoming a member of the 'real' working world. An even more valuable asset is the ability to work in a foreign country and interact in a foreign language. Come join our Spanish + Internship/Volunteer program and combine two essential experiences into one enriching and edifying adventure!

*20 hours of General Spanish classes
*Intensive Course / Volunteer Program: Every 1st Monday of each month, all year round.
*from 2 to 16 weeks (4 weeks Spanish + 2-12 weeks internship/volunteer program)

You may have heard of flamenco, but do you really know what it's all about? This is your chance to find out!

Flamenco is a gypsy art form with its origins in Spain's southern region, Andalusia. It combines acoustic guitar playing, singing, dancing and staccato handclapping to transmit life's profound sufferings and joys.

*8 Flamenco/Salsa lessons
*Min 1 week

*14-18 years old
*2015 Starting Dates: June 28th & July 12th

Participants may choose between staying with a host family or in a student residence. A full-board meal plan is included in both options, and both options enforce the nightly curfew; the school directors will be contacted should students break curfew.

The Sevilla Junior Program consists of 20 hours of Spanish classes per week according to their language level, which we determine on the first day with a placement test. The program also includes a variety of activities and excursions, ranging from Sevillanas dance classes and cooking lessons to trips to Matalascañas Beach, Cádiz and more!


Enforex offers 4 different types of accommodation in Seville for you to choose from, so that you are sure to find something that suits you very well. *Host Families
*Student Apartments
*Student Residences
*Private Apartments


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