don Quijote Valencia

don Quijote Valencia


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don Quijote Valencia


The don Quijote Spanish school in Valencia offers you a modern building in the heart of the city's university district, freshly renovated with equal focus on technology, comfort and quality, equally convenient to both the city's cosmopolitan center and its sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches. This is the ideal place to learn Spanish in Valencia. don Quijote Spanish school in Valencia is the ideal base from which to explore the city, with a street car / trolley stop just across from the premises, along with a stop for several central bus lines. From the green oasis of the university district, you can comfortably travel to the Plaza Mayor in 15 minutes and the beach in just 5. The school boasts 9 spacious classrooms. The academic zone surrounds a central common area of 100 square meters, equipped with a coffee machine, snack vending machines, computers and comfortable furniture for relaxing between classes. The facilities include the most modern technology, presented in a cheerful and contemporary atmosphere. don Quijote Spanish school in Valencia is a modern academic center in which no detail has been spared in quality or comfort. The result is a warm, comfortable home for your Spanish studies, a center that offers you a unique opportunity to live and study on a Spanish university campus while effortlessly exploring the rest of the vibrant city of Valencia.

don Quijote Facilities in Valencia

  • 9 fully equipped classrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • For your year-round comfort: centralized heating and air conditioning throughout the building
  • Powerful Wi-Fi, with access from all points of the building
  • A computer room with stations for 10 students
  • Facilities fully accessible to disabled students and visitors
  • Fully equipped common area with study area, library, TV, stereo, DVD..

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In the intensive Spanish course you will have 4 intensive Spanish classes from Monday to Friday in groups of no more than 8 students. If you need to advance more quickly in oral communication we recommend you go for the 30+5 course, which contains 2 extra daily classes of oral and written communication practice.
In addition, with the 'formula +1' you have the option of attending an extra and completely free daily class covering different topics of cultural interest of Spain and Latin America. We know that for General Intensive Spanish courses to be successful, it is not enough to offer excellent teaching. Other factors, such as socio-cultural aspects, also play an important part in its success.

don Quijote's Super Intensive Spanish course consists of 6 daily Spanish classes from Monday to Friday. In total, that's 30 hours a week. In addition to these 30 hours, all of don Quijote's courses have a '+1 Formula'. This formula enables you to attend an additional daily cultural class, completely free of charge, from Monday to Friday, providing an all rounded learning experience.
The Super Intensive course is composed of 4 of the Intensive course classes with 2 'Communicative Activities' classes which reinforce what you have recently covered. In these 2 daily classes the students use what they have learnt in the Intensive course with real, practical activities such as filling in official documents, going shopping, debates about current affairs etc. These activities will develop according to the student's level.

Finding the opportunity to practice your Spanish in real life situations is not always so easy. Chatting with friends in your local tapas bar may solve part of the problem, but it's not always enough.

If you are looking for dedicated Spanish conversation practice, your best bet is to take a Spanish Talk class at don Quijote. You will practice speaking various conversational topics for 2 classes a day, helping you towards that much sought-after fluency in social situations.

The Part-Time course is a semi-intensive Spanish course in which the student attends two classes a day, Monday to Friday,in a group of no more than 10 students (average number of students is 5).
It is a course specially prepared for students who don't have plenty of time to attend an Intensive Spanish course or would like to have more free time to discover Spain during their time here.

If you don't have much time and wish to make the most of it, you can follow your own pace of learning with a personalized Spanish course.

You can also choose a mixed option: group class on an Intensive course + individual classes.

We will continue to advise you right until the end. First, we will analyze your individual goals and then we will create a personalized program adapted to you with regard to content, timetable and additional activities such as company visits, cultural tours and excursions.

This program is offered in all don Quijote schools at all levels. You can also request information on specific content and vocabulary you wish to learn, such as literature, business, or any other subject.

DELE stands for Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, or "Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma". It is the only certificate for non-native Spanish speakers that is officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. This diploma is of great international value for those who are going to study at a Spanish University and who want to work, or are going to work in a Spanish speaking environment. We advise everyone taking a long term Spanish course to take the DELE preparation course for a successful examination.

The main objective of this Spanish for Spanish teachers course is to offer professional support, giving and exchanging information on the development and new uses of the Spanish language and touching on the most controversial formal aspects of Spanish grammar.

The current cultural, political, social and economic situations in Spain and Mexico are key elements of the program. This Spanish for Teachers course is offered either individually or in groups in all don Quijote schools and lasts for 2 weeks.


The student residence of don Quijote Spanish school in Valencia is the city's most modern and best equipped Colegio Mayor and a home-away-from-home for those people taking a Spanish course in Valencia who chose "student residence" as their accommodation option. Life in the residence is a wonderful daily opportunity to practice Spanish by living side by side with native university students. For quiet relaxation and a stretch of the legs, a lush public garden lies just across the street from the school's entrance.

  • Home Stay: Individual or double. Breakfast, half-board or full board.
  • Shared apartment / Apartment: Individual, double or double for individual use.
  • don Quijote Residence (with private bathroom): Individual or double. Half board or full board.
  • Student Residence / Family Residence: Individual or double. No meals, half board or full board.
  • Premium Accommodation: Private apartment or apartment (individual, double or double for individual use). No meals. Home Stay, individual or double. Half board or full board


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