Colegio Delibes

Colegio Delibes


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Colegio Delibes


Colegio Delibes is situated in a historical building, five minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca. It has been recently restored, and equipped with the latest technology; twenty air-conditioned classrooms, a video and conference room, an audio lab, library and an IT room with free internet access, besides WI-FI. There is also an enclosed patio with a typical Castilian well where you can relax with a coffee and chat with other students during the breaks of your Spanish courses. Our college is best characterized by its authentic international ambience with a complete programme of after-class activities, most of which are free for our students from our spanish courses. Colegio Delibes lodges students in different student residences in Salamanca, and also has its own residence.


This is the most suitable course for the majority of students. An intensive course that allows you to learn quickly and to participate in the College's programmed activities where you will continue to learn.

During the first two hours, you will be taught various grammatical themes and they will be supported by a variety of exercises. These will include the correction of sentences, examples, structural work on texts...

The following two hours will be devoted to conversation: oral and written expression, vocabulary, idioms, comprehensions...

1st and 2nd hours: Grammar (Course A)

3rd and 4th hours: Conversation (Course A)

5th hour: There are four options:

Culture (Course B)
Literature (Course C)
Conversation (Course D)
Translation (Course E)

This allows you to make the most of every morning with 5 hours of classes, leaving the afternoons for you to join in with all of the programmed activities.

1st and 2nd hour: Grammar (Course A).

3rd and 4th hours: Conversation (Course A)

5th hour: Culture. You will discover the real Spain through its history, art and economics

1st and 2nd hours: Grammar (Course A)

3nd and 4rd hours: Conversation (Course A)

5th hour: You will study the key centuries and styles of Spanish literature through the most significant authors and their works. Texts will be analyzed, both prose and poetry; books will be recommended and literary commentaries given.

1st and 2nd hours: Grammar (Course A)

3rd and 4th hours: Conversation (Course A)

5th hour: Conversation. Colloquial expressions, debates and discussions on current texts. Students who have a beginner’s level of Spanish will be familiarized with basic vocabulary which will enable them to get around and travel in Spain independently and with confidence.

1st and 2nd hours: Grammar (Course A) 3rd and 4th hours: Conversation (Course A)

5th hour:

Inverse translation with four options:

English-Spanish German-Spanish
French-Spanish Italian-Spanish
There are different types of texts worked upon in class:
newspapers, literary, social, political, economics , etc…

1st and 2nd hours: Grammar (Course A)

3rd and 4th hours: Conversation (Course A)

5th hour:

Spanish Geography
Touristic resources: nature and cultural
Impact of Tourism in Spain.

An ideal course to expand your knowledge of commercial language. Designed for companies, executives, students of economics and tourism…

1st hour: Commercial correspondence, types of letters, C.V.’s

2nd hour: Analysis and discussion of contemporary articles from specialized economic publications. Spain before the E.U., topics on Macro and Microeconomics.

With afternoon classes you can also take a standard language course in the morning (Course A, B, C, D, or E ).

In Delibes we have two special courses for the preparation of the DELE.

- Basic D.E.L.E.

- Superior D.E.L.E.

Each year we start the preparation for these two exams at the beginning of February and also at the beginning of September.

During the first two hours of this class, theoretical and practical aspects of grammar will be studied. In the 3rd and 4th hours work will be done on specific aspects of the exam: reading and listening comprehensions, personal interviews, written skills, essays, exercises on technical vocabulary.

Some time before the test, past exam papers will be worked on in class as well as reading and listening comprehensions, and interviews.

The D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language) is the only official valid diploma recognized by the Spanish State. This exam can be taken in Spain or in Cervantes institutes and Spanish embassies in the rest of the world. It takes place twice a year in the middle of May and at the end of November, both basic and superior levels are taken during these months.

Students with a level below Intermediate must have had previous training before the beginning of the D.E.L.E. course to guarantee success in the exam. Students who miss two D.E.L.E. classes consecutively without being excused will automatically be transferred to a standard course A.

The structure of this course is the same as course A, but the difference is that in this course there is a maximum of 5 students.

The course is ideal for students with little free time and with a special interest in increasing their knowledge

Methodology of Spanish teaching: theory and practice, resources and strategies, samples of lessons and practices.

Study of specific learning/teaching difficulties on T.S.F.L Course of 40 hours of lessons


Accommodation is an essential part of our programme. When you decide to come to Delibes, you should only worry about one thing: sending us the enrolment form with all your personal details, the course you wish to do, the dates and your preferred accommodation. The day we receive your letter, fax or e-mail, we will send you a confirmation letter, the address of your accommodation and all the instructions you need so that you do not have any problems on your journey. We offer our students five different possibilities for lodging in Salamanca during their course:

All our families, like our flats, residences and the hotels that work with us, are located in the city centre, a maximum of 10 minutes’ walk on foot to the Plaza Mayor and the school. All the options have everything you need to live comfortably and enjoy a pleasant stay in Salamanca. If a student is not entirely comfortable, for whatever reason, in the accommodation that we have assigned to him/her, they must tell the school secretary within the first three days of their stay and we will quickly find an alternative. On the enrolment form you must state the start date of your course and the start date of your accommodation. Normally courses begin on Mondays and students arrive on Saturdays or Sundays. Moreover, at the weekend we can always be contacted on our mobile telephone in order to sort out any problems with both new comers and those students already in Salamanca.


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