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During 18 years we have sent more than 5000 students to learn languages or continue their studies abroad.

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Sprachcaffe Los Angeles


Los Angeles is a city that really has it all! There is an abundance of fascinating culture, sites, attractions, restaurants, shopping and great weather year round which attracts people from all over the world. Visitors have the pleasure of exploring Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Laguna Beach, Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue, Dodger Stadium, Disneyland, Santa Monica, LA Stadium, Malibu, and Universal Studios, as well as many other exciting hotspots. Our Los Angeles - South Bay language school is located in one of the safest cities in Los Angeles county, Torrance. Nearby the school are many world famous attractions, such as: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Laguna Beach, Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue, Dodger Stadium, Disneyland, Santa Monica, LA Stadium, Malibu, and Universal Studios. Study abroad programs in Los Angeles are an exciting experience: you have the chance to learn English from native speaking teachers whilst discovering one of the most popular celebrity hotspots in the world. During your time in LA, you can enjoy some of the numerous opportunities available that appeal to those with interests in lifestyle, culture, sports, nature, and adventure. Taking one of Sprachcaffe's English courses in Los Angeles is an investment in your future, and it will give you the opportunity to visit unique places, gain useful experiences and develop new friendships.



*Course duration: min. 1 week
*4 lessons per day

This is the perfect compromise between learning the language and enjoying your free time. Four daily lessons guarantee effective learning, while the morning or afternoon remains free for extra-curricular activities.

Minimum age for adult courses: 18 years old (16 and 17 year olds permitted with parental consent)

*Course duration: min. 1 week
*6 lessons per day
*Rapid progress

With the Intensive Course, more emphasis is placed on learning, thus leaving less free time for extra curricular activities. Six daily lessons guarantee effective progress in a much shorter time.

*8 lessons per day
*40 hours per week
*Available for beginners, intermediate and advanced

Our super-intensive courses are for both complete beginners and proficient speakers alike, the common denominator is the speed and intensity with which students improve their language skills.

Super-intensive language courses are the ideal option for those who already have a strong foundation and are fairly competent in the language of choice, but who wish to take their language skills to the next level.Although the super-intensive course is perfect for higher level learners it is equally effective for complete beginners who wish to kick-start their language abilities rapidly.

*2 lessons per day
*Minimum age: 18 years old

A Part-time Language Course in Spanish at Sprachcaffe / Language PLUS schools is sure to provide you with some insight into the language and its cultural setting. Two daily lessons will leave you with a lot of spare time to enjoy your vacation and discover the host countries on a cultural level. Whether you are a complete beginner or simply wish to brush up on your languages, this course is bound to meet your requirements, letting you focus primarily on your traveling and touring activities.

Course duration: min. 1 week
2, 4 or 6 lessons per day
Class size: 1 student

Private language lessons are the quickest and most intensive way to learn a language or to improve your language skills. The format of the lessons is totally determined by the needs and desires of the student. The hours of this course are flexible which makes it possible to book such a course together with another course option.

This course is also perfect as a tutoring or support course to focus on problem areas. You decide the number of daily lessons: two, four or six. All aspects of the language are taught in as short a time possible without being overly demanding.

The TOEFL exam is a respected academic language test. Many universities require the TOEFL examination for evidence of language proficiency. The test therefore includes the vocabulary and form that is required in the various universities departments.

*Lessons per week: 20
*Min duration: 12 weeks
*Group size: 14

*Lessons per week: 20
*Min duration: 1 week
*Group size: 14

With Sprachcaffe you can achieve the language level and grade required to enter the university of your choice. To apply for our university placement you require: an intermediate level of the language spoken at the university + all the necessary academic qualifications requested by the university for the course of your choice.

Our preparation courses will help you achieve the grade required. Students joining our programme with intermediate language knowledge and fluency can usually reach the level required to join a university foundation or undergraduate course within 24 weeks.

*Supervised program for 14-17
*Flexible program for 18-21
*20 lessons per week
*Min duration: 2 weeks

The "City of Angels" is famous for its amazing weather, fantastic beaches, incredible attractions and, above all, its awesome celebrity presence. Whether it’s sipping a refreshing drink alongside your favourite A-list celeb or shopping in some of the most famous boutiques, Los Angeles has everything you need for an unforgettable experience. The city is renowned for its golden beaches and inviting waves, so if you are looking to catch a tan or try surfing the magnificent swells then LA is the place to be.

Our school in Los Angeles is in the heart of this incredible city and offers you the chance to absorb the multicultural wonder of LA as you experience English naturally. With the help of our talented teachers and trained teamers, you will have the opportunity to learn English almost effortlessly, while gaining confidence as you practice your skills. Through our exciting leisure programme you will have ample opportunity to experiment with your English skills as you create unforgettable memories and make lasting friendships with your fellow students.


The Los Angeles homestay accommodation option offers you many opportunities to communicate with other people – locals or other students – and thus practice the English you learned during your language lessons. As a result, your learning can continue outside the classroom and you can enjoy your free time with friendly people from around the world.


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