TARONJA Valencia

TARONJA Valencia


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TARONJA Valencia


TARONJA offers a wide variety of Spanish courses in Valencia. All the programs are designed carefully, and pass intensive quality controls. Valencia is a medium-sized city; this means that Valencia offers as much as a big city does but, at the same time, it is comfortable to move around. Do you want to learn Spanish in Spain? A perfect city to take your Spanish course. Our Spanish language school is located on a pedestrian street in the city centre, in a beautiful 19th century building. Surrounded by cafés and restaurants.

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The course is designed for students wanting to learn Spanish and to combine language study with other activities that allow you to see the city surroundings and its famous beaches. The 4 skills will be worked on within a comunicative environment. We guarantee a fast and effective learning of the Spansih language. The course consists of 20 lessons of Spanish + 5 didactic social activities per week.

The course is designed for students wanting to push their Spanish learning to the limits while they stay in Valencia. The course consists of 4 daily lessons of intensive course and 2 daily lessons focused on conversation and pronunciation. If you choose this option, you will devote your time to pronunciation, diction, diastratic and diaphasic varieties of Spanish, etc. This lessons will definitely improve your fluency in Spanish. Minimun required A2 level. The course consists of 20 lessons of intensive cour- se + 10 weekly lessons focused on conversation and pronunciation + 5 didactic social activities per week.

Our intensive DELE course is focused on the prepa- ration of the DELE exam. DELE is a prerequisite for working in the major Spanish companies (Inditex, Telefónica, Santander, Repsol, among others) and to study in the majority of the universities in our country. DELE has three examination sessions per year: in May, August and November; and here, in TARONJA school, we will carefully prepare you for this exam in order to obtain this official title. You must have, at least, the same Spanish language level to the exam level you want to apply for. The course consists of 20 lessons focus on DELE + 5 didactic social activities per week.

This combination of lessons consists of an intensive Spanish class (with a group), as well as a one-on-one class every day. The daily individual class is tailor-made; our teaching team adapt to the personal needs of each student, strengthening their knowledge, helping to resolve doubts they may have, practicing knowledge they have already acquired in the intensive course, or perfecting any specific aspect of the Spanish language. The course consists of 20 intensive lessons + 5 individual lessons + 5 didactic social activities per week.

One-on-one classes tailor-made to suit the individual needs of the students, whatever their level may be. The lessons are ideal for those looking to deepen their knowledge, to practice any specific aspect of the Spanish language, or to use Spanish in speciic situations, such as business, tourism, hospitality, education, fashion, etc. Our teaching teams adapt to the needs and professional or educational objectives of each student. The course comprises of the bundle of individual lessons that you choose. 10, 15 or 20 per week + didactic social activities a week.

This course is aimed at graduate Spanish teachers or people interested in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The focus of the course is very practical, centered on critical analysis and discussion. The key points of the teaching-learning process in the Spanish as a Foreing Language environment will be stressed in order to understand how to manage a motivated and appropriate class. The course is 6 lessons a day during two weeks.

The internship program is designed for students with an advanced knowledge of Spanish, at a minimum level of B2. The program consists of two parts: 1) Three weeks of Instensive Spanish classes, 2) Interning for a minimum of four weeks in a Spanish business (non-paid).


To take part in this course you have to be taking a Spanish course in Taronja school.


To take part in this course you have to be taking a Spanish course in Taronja school.

Our programmes are aimed for groups of at least 15 students who like to participate in a linguistic and cultural inmersion in Valencia. Besides the Spanish classes we can organise the accommodation, airport transfer and several type of activities. Our programmes are adapted to the needs of each group.


Taronja has selected a number of apartments in Valencia that can be shared by our students. They are all quite near to the Valencia city centre, well preserved and fully equipped. You will be able to choose between single and double rooms, as long as there are vacancies. The apartments are shared with Taronja students, or with spaniards an ideal chance to practice Spanish.
TARONJA offers you this excellent option to learn spanish in Spain deeply and to get involved with the spanish culture as much as possible. Taronja has carefully selected our host families. When we talk about "host families", we are referring to both conventional families and single men/women who also want to share their flats and enjoy the company of foreign students while they speak Spanish to them all the time! UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE
This residence is near the Valencia beach. It is placed in a university area, at only 15 minutes from the Valencia city center and the school by bus. Each room has a bathroom, air-conditioning, and Internet and TV connection.


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